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The American Society of Civil Engineers’s mission is to provide essential value to members, their careers, our partners, and the public by developing leadership, advancing technology, advocating lifelong learning, and promoting the profession.

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers represents more than 150,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide and is America’s oldest national engineering society. ASCE’s vision is to position engineers as global leaders building a better quality of life.


The ASCE Convention is the Society’s premiere membership event. It is the single annual opportunity where the entire Society joins together reflecting the diversity that ASCE encompasses. The convention program is designed to have integrated, multi-cultural, technical, and educational components to meet the needs of the profession.

The program will follow the convention topics described below. These topics are used to define a recurring convention program that draws attendees back year after year focusing on the important issues affecting the profession. The program will provide benefits to attendees on an educational and professional level and value to their employers by enhancing staff’s technical, managerial and leadership skills.


The convention target audience is leaders in the civil engineering profession across all disciplines and levels of experience. Targeted attendees include ASCE members, Institute members, students, younger professionals, and seasoned experts.

Submission Guidelines     


The program topics cover seven key areas within the profession. Each topic has a set of sub-topics to clearly define presentation proposals within these broad topic areas. Authors should select the topic area for the general subject and then choose the more specific sub-topic to better describe the presentation and learning objectives for the proposed session.

State of the Industry/Profession

This topic includes presentations from recognized thought leaders, corporate leaders in engineering, corporate leaders from related fields, Institute leaders, leaders in engineering education, leaders from cooperating industry organizations, and political leaders.

Presentations are intended to introduce industry and profession level topics from a leadership outlook, explore multi-discipline view points, examine the civil engineering profession and how it functions, and show how civil engineering affects industry and the public.

Presentation sub-topics include:

  • Innovation
  • Workforce
  • Globalization
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Life cycle
  • Big data

Professional Development

The topic is intended to provide sessions based on the needs assessment of attendees and engineering firms. The sub-topics are designed to educate and enhance individual skills and contribute to career development, and provide knowledge that can be applied to their jobs. Rotating levels of training and development (first year, 101 series, second year, 201 series, etc.) are desired to attract new and returning attendees.

Presentation sub-topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Management skills
  • Risk analysis & management
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Small business owner
  • Public relations
  • Project management
  • Value engineering
  • Employee development
  • Diversity
  • Communications

Multidisciplinary Technical

This topic is intended to bring the best of the best from the Institutes’ conferences, ASCE conferences and conferences from other professions, multi-discipline issues, innovation, best practices, hot issues, case studies, perspectives from allied professions affecting civil engineers, and new concepts.

The sessions should have a multi-discipline view on topics important to the civil engineering profession and provide interactive information exchange. Time for a question and answer period must be included in the proposal.

Presentation sub-topics include:

  • Forensic investigations (case study)
  • Risk analysis
  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental

Natural and Man-made Disasters

The topic is intended to explore disasters and catastrophes from a multi-disciplinary point of view. It will look at the natural and/or man-made causes, prediction, present codes and standards and suggested revisions, effects, and how to mitigate effects by component or macro approaches.

The session may contain reports from ASCE/Institute disaster teams and investigate case studies, lessons learned, or discuss sustainability, and resilience design concepts.

Presentation sub-topics include:

  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Resiliency
  • Mitigation
  • Risk asset management
  • Response
  • Adaptation to a changing climate
  • Changes to designs standards or codes

Strategic Issues/Public Policy

This topic is to present a forum to discuss the progress and direction of public policies and their effect on the profession. Sessions are intended to present current status, to drill down on practicable application of policies, how to utilize ASCE policies to affect political and legislative changes, to present case studies, and investigate future directions.

Presenters should be both ASCE members and outside thought leaders from academia and private and public practice and managers who are actively pursuing solutions and employing tools related to ASCE’s strategic issues and policies. Presenters could also be political or legislative leaders who understand the issues and the environment surrounding them.

Presentation sub-topics include:

  • ASCE strategic issues
  • Strategic issues impacting to the profession
  • Infrastructure funding
  • Implications of not funding infrastructure
  • Report cards (state, national, & regional)
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Changing regulations
  • Political advocacy

Significant Projects

This topic is intended to cover mega projects and multidisciplinary views on the feasibility, planning, design, construction, costs, public process, value, innovation, environmental, sustainability, and resiliency of the project discussed.

History & Heritage

This topic will cover significant civil engineering achievements within the region of the host city or of national importance to add appeal for all attendees. Presentations on projects close to the conference site, especially National Historical Civil Engineering Landmarks, should be highlighted. Presenters should present multi-disciplinary views on the importance, design, construction, costs, public process, value, and innovation of the project(s) being presented.

Presentation sub-topics include:

  • Landmarks and other significant projects
  • Major events
  • Biographies
  • Lasting significance and relevance to modern practice


Submission Guidelines


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